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The world is a huge place. How will you know where you fit in unless you explore beyond your comfort zone?

Peter Yuen is a retired Deputy Chief for the Toronto Police Service with 35 years of service and the director of Y-ICE Consulting. As a prolific executive leader in the largest municipal service in North America, Peter was in charge of the Community Safety Command where he oversaw over 4500 employees and managed an annual budget exceeding 600 million dollars.

Peter has acquired an extensive variety of professional experiences over the course of his policing career including: uniform patrol, undercover work, criminal investigation, community response, Asian Organized Crime, the Homicide Squad, Human Resources, Duty Operations and Professional Standards.

Peter has been recognized as an Asian Organized Crime expert by the Courts of Ontario and has spoken both locally and internationally on the topic, including addressing the Justice Committee in Ottawa, the International Council for Refugees and the National Organized Crime Committee.

As an expert in diversity, inclusion and equity, Peter was the Ontario Regional Chair of the National Justice Committee, the Co-Chair of the Toronto Police Service Mobile Crisis Intervention Teams, Advisor on the Toronto Police Services Board Anti-Racism Advisory Panel, and the Toronto Police Services Board Mental Health and Addictions Advisory Panel, and many internal and external committees and working groups.

Peter has a Bachelor of Applied Arts Degree in Justice Studies and a Master of Arts degree in Leadership from the University of Guelph.
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The mind is like an iceberg, it floats with one-seventh of its bulks above water.

Leadership Training
• Leadership vs Management
• The theory of Influence
• Developing your leadership style
• Developing your leadership traits
• Knowing Thyself
Conflict Management
• Theories of Conflict
• Problem Solving
• Understanding Conflict
• De-escalating conflict
• Conflict Management Approaches
• Mediation/Negotiation
Customer Service
• Managing Customer Service
• Decision Making
• Dealing with Difficult People
• Communication skills
• Qualities of good customer service
Strategic Planning
• Vision vs. Strategy
• Environmental Scanning
• Developing a strategic plan
• Strategic Implementation
• Strategic Evaluation

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Y-ICE Consulting works with a variety of service groups, private sector companies, and public sector agencies.

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